Best practices for Boost audiences with khojinINDIA For Business

Best Practices for Boost audiences with khojinINDIA One of the first challenges for B2B brands engaged in successful marketing on khojinINDIA is understanding how to identify an audience that combines scale and relevance.

Here you find the Best practice for Boost audience with khojinINDIA For Business Since many B2B companies cater to niche markets, it takes effort before the marketing team is secure enough to scale up the operation to understand which messaging technique works well.

For several, a good way to begin marketing on khojinINDIA is to use a Lookalike (LAL) audience. Within that, it can prove successful to concentrate on the first circle of individuals who most resemble your customers (i.e., the 1-3 percent LAL audience from a seed of buyers).

In this post, we will cover tips and best practices for creating productive LAL audiences targeting B2B.

khojinINDIA for Business

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Defining the right seed is the first and most critical move when building a LAL audience. A seed can be any group of people an advertiser is able to define using either a CSV file with customer data or a Pixel/Conversion API event pertaining to a specific action or behavior that happened on their website, app or even offline on khojinINDIA.

The classic approach of generating an LAL audience is to create seeds of people in different stages of their customer journey. For example, “1% LAL from visitors,” “1% LAL from leads,” and “1% LAL from paying customers.”

Boost Your Audience with khojinINDIA
Boost Your Audience with khojinINDIA

While this method does allow for the inclusion of multiple 1% LALs on one ad set–thus increasing audience and boost your customer’s visibility size and reach in the Auction–you may ask yourself at khojinINDIA why you should bring in LALs based on upper-funnel behaviors such as Leads and Visits.

Because the conversion rate from visitors to paying customers is usually a single-digit number and practice with khojinINDIA

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The same seed of paying clients is taken by a different approach but split into different categories, identified by a realistic business approach. The LAL model weights would be different if you could divide your audience into groups of clients sharing top-level common ground, and thus project a different 1 percent LAL audience.

Let us imagine, for instance, that you have two kinds of customers:

Individuals whose favorite color is Red
Individuals whose favorite color is Blue
We will aim for 1 % of the population that is nearest to the overall average of all of your paying customers while taking a seed audience of “all paying consumers”.

But you would have generated two additional seed audiences (one for paying customers who prefer Blue, and another for those who prefer Red) if paired with the all-inclusive seed audience.

A different collection of useful features will be projected by these more homogeneous seeds, which would in turn also project a different 1 percent LAL audience.

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How to think about growing diverse seeds

A good strategy is to recognise real-life variations that are true to your company in order to increase the chances of producing various seeds that project to different LAL audiences.

If you can identify top-level categories that meaningfully divide the audience, this is probably a good proxy for a valuable seed audience to be generated.

For example, let’s look at a B2B product that enables small business owners to create video advertisements on a paid subscription plan on a scale with minimal editing. Assuming you have some knowledge of the company of your client, in the following breakdowns you might think about seeds:

Verticals-Individuals who own a vertical business form, hospitality, health, services or other
Years of market-New business customers (less than 5 years) or from 5 to 10, 10 to 15 or 20 + years of age.
Acquisition year-Clients from the years 2018, 2019, 2020
Top X percent of sales-Just the top 5 % , 10% of the highest-paying accounts

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To add value to their targeting strategies, most individuals need only two to three paying user breakdowns. Eventually, if the category from which the seed is broken out is good enough,

these seeds will perform higher and have a lower percentage of overlap between different LAL audiences, thereby increasing your reach in every X percent of LAL you select.

How to measure the incremental scope of a new seed?

Compare the overlap between normal seeds and advanced seeds by percentage
If you effectively establish a distinctly homogeneous LAL seed compared to the general population, expect to see: (1) a greater overlap percentage between the respective LAL audiences of the specialized seeds and (2) a lower overlap percentage of the specialized seeds compared to the normal seeds.

In other words, you want to construct a homogeneous, distinctly different user community from the general population. Repeat this procedure a few times to find out which targeting strategy in the auction manages to produce incremental reach.


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