Is It Possible To Generate Passive Income From Facebook?

Today Facebook is considered the most populated place on earth! Everyone has an account with this most successful social website ever and that’s why Facebook can be a goldmine for generating passive income if you know how to optimize things and implement your method on the platform!

Many people are struggling to make their first passive income online. This simple guide will help those struggles and make them start generating cash from everyone’s favorite social website -.

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How to generate passive income on : the basic steps you must follow

The steps discussed here will help you start from scratch. Even if you have never thought about monetizing your time spent on Facebook, this guide will help you initiate and take action. Once you have learned the basic stuff, you can simply put things together and start making money on Facebook.

#1 Create An Attractive, Credible Profile

First of all, you need to create a convincing profile that inspires everyone to follow or send you a friend request. Once you have developed a decent profile with thousands of followers and friends, you can simply drive them to whatever offer you want.

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So this is the basic step you have to follow. You should create a dummy account to deal with the commercial stuffs instead of using your personal account. Then you should try and get some followers and friends to monetize!

#2 A Fanpage Is A Better Platform

You can use Facebook as the social platform for connecting your business customers using the fanpage template. Once you have decent number of friends and followers, you can create a fanpage and develop a better platform. You can reach out millions of people at a time as a fanpage owner. If you are interested about a business niche, you should create a fanpage targeting the niche and get targeted traffic to the products or services you are promoting.

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#3 Explore About The Advertisers And Revenue Sharers

There are several websites and advertising companies that let the publishers use social websites like Facebook, Twitter for driving traffic to their offers or products. Once you have earned credibility online, you should start exploring the advertisers. You should explore the best offers, highest pay rates, and best-converting campaigns. This will help you maximize the earnings and grow business potentials.

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#4 Prepare A Complete Plan For Running The Campaigns

Once you have tied up with the advertisers and grabbed some great deals to monetize your Facebook account, it’s time to organize things more professionally. You need to create a complete plan to execute the campaigns. Make sure to pay attention to the details and take prompt action.

Consider geo-targeting, proper time framing to get the best results. Facebook can make you decent passive income even if you don’t have a website!


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