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In this Article we are gonna talk about the best Google search tricks for 2020 and beyond-

Google search console – what I like about is it’s free but the second thing is you are basically able to open a report. If you go to performance section over here you can just hit open report and then over here I can basically once I hit the total clicks total impressions average CTR

what I can do is I can sort over two pages over here and then I can just export this and I can look for the pages that have a high impression count but a low click-through rate so you can see for 15 free SEO tools to improve your Google ranking what I can basically do here is to say hey you know what point one percent CTR I’m getting five thousand clicks from it well if I can get it to like a 1% CTR that’s 10x guess what I can now go too well fifty thousand clicks okay so that’s just an easy way of getting more traffic based on what you already have.

We do have a tool for this it’s called click flow and so if you’re like a larger website it doesn’t make sense if you want to manage it be able to test title sand descriptions at scale so click flow allows you to do that you can check it out we have a freemium version if you want to check it out. Also what I like about Google search console too is you can actually insert your insert pages for indexing too, so I’m going to show you in my next tip I’m gonna show you why that’s important but being able index pages on command is important and then looking at your sitemaps looking if there’s any issues with your site map coverage another enhancements to it they’ll show you, mobile usability job postings logos site links etc, and you can also look at you know manual action sand any issues that you’re facing so it’s like good

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it’s like an SEO suite that you have it’s different from Google Analytics because this one’s focused on kind of your search visibility so that’s one thing you want to do you want to make sure that you have this free tool to help you and if you have speed reports coming on as well to show you the sections on your sites that are slowing down because speed is very important when it comes to SEO the next thing.

I want to do is I want to talk about FAQ schema markups and basically what that allows you to do is occupy more real estate on your Google search engine result page so right here I search for hrs review and age is an SEO tool so you can see here as I scroll down you know there’s Authority hack or PC magazine so you see these top three results over here there’s only it’s only the result right sure there’s a rating the snippet over there people also search for this and you can see there’s a snippet below that okay what does strife’s use for, how much does hrs cost and then you come down and what happens to look at this one over here so this.

Matthew Woodward result the one at the top over here you can see there’s a rating it’s five stars okay so there’s a scheme up mark up there on the five stars and at the same time well look at this she has his own little uh little FAQ section Haleh’s hrs domain rating calculated what is a good hrs rank all this is inhered and he can write whatever he wants in there but he’s occupying more real estate in there and he has said I had him on my podcast on the growth everywhere podcast his click the rate was previously,

let’s say average of three percent or so after he added this the click-through rate jumped up to eight percent that’s a two point six six X increase so you are able to basic allyoccupy more real estate well guess what if your CTR goes up you get more trafficcoming to your website that is gonna help you grow okay so that’s those arejust like a couple of things you can do from a Google search perspective and theother thing I would say is this it’s really important you can use somethinglike Google PageSpeed insights so if you just search Google PageSpeed you canmeasure the speed of your page and you can look at certain things like time tofirst paint all these things that are important for you in order to enhancethe speed and enhance the user experience of your site you can use GTmetrics,

Well GT metrics is another kind of speed tool that will show you what’s going on and what areas are kind of slowing down the loading of your site so when I think about this when you combine all these together you can buy Google search console maybe you’re doing title tag Meta Description testing you’re getting some wins there maybe we can get like 10 to 20% of your traffic there when you optimize your speed if your website’s really slow some times I’ve seen websites increase their traffic by as much as 50 percent so that’s another you know 50 percent was twenty percent and then you start to do these schema markup swear,

let’s say you double your CTR maybe we’re gonna add another like you know 10 percent in traffic all of a sudden you just added like 80 to 90 percent in traffic to your site and guess what that compounds a lot of people run a be test when they’re doing confirm novelization they’re spending a lot on advertising that’s fine so you spend so much money on SEO you spend a lot of money on content maybe you spend money on link building as well on salaries as well,

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why are you not you know taking it further why are you not testing when it comes to SEO so doing these things is gonna help you take you to the next level I do also like using other tools like hrs as well hrs that definitely or SEMrush as well when you look at those two tools they have their uses right so you can look at the content explore in a chess context for will basically allow me to see you know how I’m doing when it comes to refreshing my content because that helps how often I’m publishing content.

how often like my competitorsare publishing content I he seen my traffic value how much is going up andout like I want my traffic value to be continuing to increase which isbasically the value of my site if I were paying for the traffic from Google alsowhen we think about Google these Google search tricks right what else do we wantto be doing well we don’t want to be tricking really what we do want to bedoing is want to be doing the things that are ever going for the long term soyou know Brian Dean’s got his

skyscraper technique which is you know writing really good pieces of content that will stand the test of time you know keyword research doesn’t go away you can definitely use uber suggests you can users for it you can use SEM Rush for it all of these things combine when you add them together they become something much bigger and these things when you when you compound them will help you grow your traffic a lot faster and a lot of of people just tend to forget about these things so something you just need a reminder on these are the right things to do let’s not forget about the fact that,

if you have a podcast submit the podcasts to Google Play so your podcast will show up in the search results and Google automatically transcribes them right now so Google’s gonna favor their own properties and guess what you’re gonna get more traffic you’re gonna benefit from it if you’re already doing podcasts then it’s not hard for you to take five to ten minutes or so just submit it to Google Play that’s gonna help go a long way voice search – don’t forget about optimizing for you know the rank 0 positions this is all there’s alot of scheme my stuff that you need to be doing from an SEO perspective,

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I will tell you like when I look at some of the stuff that we do like sometimes I’m justlike well we need to be doing a lot of stuff around schema right if you look atmy come back to the screen over here we look at a lot of these have 5-starratings and then there’s the little FAQ box that that Matthew Woodward has themore attention the more real estate that you can have the betterthat you can have on a search result page the more important it’s gonna themore helpful is gonna be for you and here’s one more thing you need to takeinto account the zero click results have now gone above fifty percent meaning thenumber of people that reach a search and result page and don’t click on anythinghas increased beyond kind of you know what the organic clicks are so you know Google’s continued to make more money they’re kind of increasing the moreclicks coming to there and they’re there their properties and 0 click searches means you need to pay attention to on SERP SEO meaning that if you’reanswering a question there maybe you say hey by the way check out check out NOAA’s blog doc the check out knows blog for more tips on how to tie a tie forexample so you want to be able to kind of brand yourself a little bit on the search result pages because it’s becoming more and more difficult to do SEO the number of clicks where people are actually going to non Google properties that’s actually decreasing and continues to decrease alright so Iwant to go a little deeper,

I’m going to show you how you can build on some of the SEO opportunities that you already have so looked at the door – right here if we’re door – we are ranking for1.5 million keywords over here the value of their traffic is 3.1 million dollars a month which means if they’re paying for all the traffic that they have currently going to their site they would be paying 3.1 million dollars a month for it now let’s take a look at the organic keywords that they are ranking for and what I like doing with href and we do this with potential clients as well as we like looking at keywords that are ranking from number five to number thirty so these are the keywords that we want to pounce on these are the ones that we want to figure out okay can we do more with this can we combine things together and build them into something stronger because,

I always like to talkabout repurposing content and making things stronger so doordash again theydo food delivery so let’s take a look at the stuff that the ranking for look atnumber two right here they are ranking for a keyword called food delivery andthe volume here is one hundred ninety six thousand searches a month and theposition is number five in google so if you google google click-through ratesyou will know that once you are out of the top three positions your yourclick-through rate drops by quite a bit so,

B2B global Marketplace
B2B global Marketplace

if you’re number one number two number three number one can get as high as forty to fifty percent click the ratesometimes eighteen percent or so you can look atthe different studies out there but our idea here is that we want to look forkeywords that are ranking number five and number thirty in Google because weknow we are within striking distance of getting it to a top three position bybuilding more links so that’s how you pounce on some of these opportunities atthe same time you can also look at these pages too and say if I’m ranking numberfive for food delivery can I take a look at that page and can we add morekeywords to it can we have more things linking to it internally can we do canwe build more links externally as well there’s a lot of different things we cando eight reps gives me a guiding point to work off of look at this one do everynear me food delivery Chinese delivery nari should we have a main hub page thathas called delivery near me and then you have all the subcategories in there likeChinese delivery Little Caesars delivery,

Dunkin Donutsdelivery that’s how you pounce on some of the opportunities you can take a lookat your Google search console as well that’s for free take a look at H repsbut you want to make sure that you’re doing this at least once a quarter so doauditing your current SEO auditing the the current content that you have Ithink about what you can do to make it better because I always talk about usingrepurposing frameworks out there this is just one thing you can do when you’retrying to figure out okay what are some keywords,

I should go after more and you can also supplement this with the paid advertising campaigns that you have going on through AdWords that’s going to help you because you can see which keywords are really profitable for you and you can choose to ax things double down triple down whatever it is exactly so let me know what you think below in terms of what you what do you think I might have missed from a Google search kind of tricks perspective and what you particularly enjoyed.


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