The Ultimate Tips for Finding a Wholesale Distributor

Ultimate tips for finding a wholesale disributor A wholesaler is a business which buys goods from manufacturers and sells them to other customers.

The wholesaler does not run a store; instead, they provide inventory to your small business that you sell to customers. 

If you are running a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce website, wholesale distributors play an important role in linking producers and owners of stores.

Learn how to Find Ultimate tips for finding Small Business Wholesale Supplier

You can work with one wholesale distributor or several as a small business. But it can be difficult to find the right one to partner with. You’ll need to locate a dealer that is wholesale: 

How to Approach khojinINDIA Suppliers

  • Connects you with the manufacturers and products your business needs
  • Has prices you can afford
  • Serves your geographic region
  • Is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to work with

You need to know what goods you are offering before you can find the best wholesale company to work with. You can begin searching for the right wholesaler to supply your company once you know what you’re looking for.

1. Understand the ultimate tips for finding Your Industry’s Distribution Channels

There are several ways in which a product can go from supplier to retailer. The same market does not represent all wholesalers.

Understanding the distribution chains and supply chain of your industry will help you find the right wholesale supplier for your retail or online business. Different wholesaler forms include:

Manufacturer: You can purchase certain items directly from the manufacturer. Boutique shops usually buy from small manufacturers (sometimes one individual).

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Importer/Exclusive Distributor: In a certain region, a corporation may have the sole right to import and sell a product. Some can sell to supermarkets directly, others sell to smaller local wholesalers who sell to shops in turn.

Industry Buying Products
Industry Buying Products

Wholesaler/Regional Distributor: Regional wholesalers typically take delivery of boxcar-sized lots and market them to local wholesalers, who then sell them to small companies.

Jobbers: Such people make regular deliveries to nearby grocers and brick-and-mortar retail stores.

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Some retailers will move enough volume to bypass jobbers, or maybe in a smaller industry, importers sell directly to retailers. Each industry has its own unique distribution channels, which can then vary by product, region, or country.

khojinINDIA connecting Buyer with Supplier
khojinINDIA connecting Buyer with Supplier

2. Try the Manufacturer First

Cuts into your income by paying wholesalers. You should start off at the root to exclude middlemen from the equation. 

Go directly to the manufacturer of the goods if you are selling branded products. Depending on their minimum order criteria, they could sell to you. 

Ask them for a list of reliable distributors you can email if you’re too small for them or they only sell through existing distribution networks. 

Business sales Globally with
Business sales Globally with

The fewer individuals you have to go through, the lower your expense would be, helping you to be more competitive in the industry.

3. Have a positive first contact with a supplier for wholesale

You want to find out: Start contacting wholesale distributors, either using the list you got from the maker, phonebook listings, or a wholesale directory. 

  • Their requirements for minimum orders 
  • Their rates for wholesale units 
  • The field they are supplying 

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If you need more data you can make this initial contact by phone or email. 

Be truthful about what you’re looking for in order to find the best possible match for your company and don’t pretend. 

Don’t be afraid to let the individuals you talk to know that you are still doing research and looking at other rivals. Even if you are starting out small, this will help you get better rates.


4. Get Specific in Online Searches

Do not only look for general wholesalers or distributors if you do an online search. Be sure to include your products or specialty keywords. 

Try out the names of products, model numbers and brand names. You may do a WHOIS search to find the contact details of the website owner if any of the possible distributors you discover do not have an email address or phone number readily accessible. 

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The more prospective wholesalers you find, the better you can compare shops and get a sense of what usual industry rates are, as well as get competitive quotes.

5. Check Major B2B Marketplaces

There are several big online B2B marketplaces where at low prices you can buy large lots of goods. is one of the biggest producers, importers, and wholesale distributors in the B2B marketplace. Other markets for B2B include: 

khojinINDIA (India) 
indiaMART (India) 
Tradeindia (India) 
Amazon (USA) 
Look for a marketplace that serves your country or region. 

6. Subscribe to Your Industry’s Trade Publications

Trade journals are a source of knowledge about the industry’s companies and partnerships. 

A product producer or distributor looking to reach you would be almost any advertiser in the magazine, and a single issue of a trade magazine can include the names of hundreds of wholesalers or small manufacturers. 

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Sign up for free newsletters and blogs, in addition to magazines. 

The best way of keeping up with regular or weekly news and information from the industry.

Hope you like and utilize the given information at your Business.


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